Top Spin 4 – It's Redemption Time ;-)

When I say It’s Redemption Time, I mean I’m done with my 3 week journey getting my ash kicked by stacked players in World Tour using my weak, but fun SIM player, at least for now. My setup is Stick Serve Berserker / Focus Service or Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket. Disgusting isn’t it, … Read more

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  sergio0235 has sent you a message: Subject: Top Spin 4 Date: 01/26/12 From: sergio0235 Message: Hey mate, I wanted to ask you for a little advice 🙂 Should I buy Top Spin 4 right now? ============ Subject: Top Spin 4 Date: 01/26/12 From: xboxtennis Yes, I would definitely buy Top Spin 4, and I … Read more