Tennis World Tour 2018 | Early Review

Tennis World Tour 2018 | Early Review

My review is based off my favorite simulation Tennis game all time, TopSpin. I’ve played them all. I’m sure I have 1000’s of hours on each title up to TopSpin4.

Keep in mind, this is an early review. I’m sure the Tennis World Tour team has every intention to patch these issues up for their paying customers. We just may need to be patient.


  1. User interface. Clean, fast and easy to navigate. Very nice.
  2. Loading times are fast. Getting in and out of matches happens fast.
  3. A nice overall menu experience.


  1. No online mode.
  2. Game-play feels ridged.
  3. Serves can be unforgiving.
  4. Player animations are stiff.
  5. Need more camera angles to choose from.
  6. The player and ball size with the far camera angle. Keep the far camera, but pull it in some. Not everyone has an 75in TV. We don’t need to see the crowd that bad too.
  7. Ball visibility and ball shadows. This one is very important.
  8. During a point, players seem to reach out and lunge quite a bit to make shots that may be too far away. Personally, the ball did not seem that far away and should have grabbed the ball nice. It’s currently too difficult to setup great shots.

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