The Best Simulation Tennis Game In 2018

Who has The Best Simulation Tennis Game In 2018? Currently there are only 2 runner ups. Is it going to be AO International Tennis or Tennis World Tour? 🤔 Here are a few areas where I think AOIT currently stands out as the more polished simulation “Game-Play” winner. For me, the overall visibility of the ball was something I noticed right away. The ball shadow (helps us keep our eye on the ball). The bounce of each type of shot which helps us differentiate a slice from a top spin shot to a flat shot, lob, drop-shot etc. These shots are more “Identifiable” on AOIT than TWT. The sound the ball makes off the racket. Even the audio/ambiance/crowd/the build up that follows the rallies sound better and are more accurate on AOIT. However, I really hope AOIT is able fix this crashing thing that’s happening to be tonight. Otherwise I may get inpatient and start putting my time into Tennis World Tour.

It’s still very early, so we’ll see which game will rise above. AOIT game-play “right now” seems to be the right choice. Just remember, all that could change with a simple update. I’ve seen it happen with TopSpin4.

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