Top Spin 4 – My Power Player Update

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I didn’t think I’d be back here so fast, but I absolutely hate playing with power players. The Top Spin 4 Custom Player Setup I went with was “Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket”. Your thinking, what could you have not liked about this setup? Believe it or not, I felt cheap. When I didn’t win it felt like in order for me to win I would have had to played with unbalanced timing. When I won, which was most of my matches, I felt like I was cheating, just a horrible feeling. We are not suppose to feel horrible when we win.

I immediately went back to my favorite SIM player who happens to have many coaches, “4/12/4”. I switch back and forth from “Diesel Return / Low Volley Specialist”, which is my primary, to “Spin Server Master / Approach Shots Expert”. I unlocked all the gold coaches and most of all, I enjoy the fast movement that most coaches give me with this setup.

Give it a try, “4/12/4” and unlock all gold coaches. After a while I guarantee you will frustrate the top players any may even beat them! 🙂

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