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Top Spin 4 – Match Making

This area of the game suffered in the past versions of Top Spin and continues to suffer in Top Spin 4. I’m no game developer, but I have been playing games for most of my life (44 years old), so I do understand games and that this must be difficult to achieve.

So as Match Making goes, here is an example of my frustration with World Tour. I use a player that has an average of 65 across the board (a typical SIM player) with service being the only strong point at 88 and a grade of 2. I use this player pretty consistently, win or lose. On this particular day, the lobby had 8 players waiting for matches to start. As I waited I checked other player stats as usual. Most players had above 85 power, the rest with “Monster Defense / Instant Rocket, Top Spin Invasion / Monster Defense, Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket, Stick Serve Berzerk / Focus Service, Inside Out Master / Diesel Hard Hitter” etc. Based on Top Spin 4’s Match Making system, my SIM player with Diesel Returner / Low Volley Specialist was lucky enough to get matched up with Inside Out Master / Diesel Hard Hitter w/100 power. We start the match and I quit. The guy messages me and calls me a fu*king assh*le for quitting early. My reply was, I’m sorry, but I’m a sim player with 65 overall average, you have 100 on power, no comparison, you would kill me 3-0, no fun for me, and I’m sure anyone else you play who doesn’t have your stats or similar. So don’t cry when players quit. His reply was, fu*kn assh*le, yadda yadda..

So there is part of my frustration with this game.

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