Top Spin 4 – Stacked Players vs. Simulation

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I don’t usually play World Tour, so I figured I’d give it a try for a few weeks. During these last few weeks I made a decision to stick with a SIM which has Diesel Returner / Low Volley Specialist.

This particular setup has 65 on fh/bh, the majority of his attributes are aimed at faster reflexes and faster movement on the court. To be good with this setup you should have better than average anticipation. The problem I find myself running into in World Tour is 8 out of 10 players use 100 power or close to it. So unless you are using a similar setup, even if you have better than average anticipation you will probably get crushed.

During these few weeks the highest World Tour grade I reached was 14, it’s good, but not great. Too many other players are using Monster Defense / Instant Rocket / Diesel Hard Hitter / Inside Out Master / Focus Service / Stick Serve Berserk / Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket / Top Spin Invasion / Monster Defense and are easily getting their grade well into the 20’s and 30’s.

Few of these guys played me with their SIM player and I was able to beat them. I believe it has a lot to do with getting use to the different timing. I’m sure if these same guys played with a SIM setup they would do well, how well, probably not as well as they once did with the setups I mentioned above.

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