Cagowest vs OzGamingDotNet

Cagowest vs OzGamingDotNetMost people know me by PCFitnessDotNet, however my other XBL account is OzGamingDotNet. I just got finished playing Cagowest, as you can see he, yes it is a he who likes to make female players, is a stacked player with 100 power, and as we all know Andre Agassi is no slouch either. I win my service game and she wins her’s. Next I win my service game, then break her. The next game she just sits there as if she put down the controller and walked away..

The moral to this story is, beware of Cagowest! This person typically only plays with 100 power and as soon as she gets broken she quits, which is exactly what she did to me. In no way was this a blowout. As far as I could see we were tied and it was early enough for it to be anyone’s match.

So beware of Cagowest!

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