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Top Spin 4 - halfLife069
Here is a player I have known since Top Spin 2. His real name is Brian, his gamer name is halfLife069. I use to dominate him in Top Spin 2, then again I dominated most everyone I played. Then Top Spin 3 came along and he dominated me. Then Top Spin 4 came along and I dominated him, but only for 1 day, lol. Literally a week later I couldn’t even touch him and till this day I have not been able to get a legitimate win over him, bastard, lol. I’m my opinion I think he is one of the best players to ever play the game. I’ve played world tour and have reached a grade of 29 and not with a cheese ball setup like many others you run into, not too shabby. I’ve also competed against some of the best Top Spin 4 players in the world and most of us know each other from Top Spin 2 and earlier.

Top Spin 4 – halfLife069 is player to look out for, if you see him online and you think your good, don’t think so quickly until you play halfLife069. Good luck!

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