Top Spin 4 – Disguising Your Shots

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Disguising Your Shots

The other day I was playing Top Spin 4 on my Xbox360 and was asked the question, how do I disguise my shots so well. The answer I gave was, Control Shots. If your a player who only holds the shot button down for power, try a single quick tap instead. This can be performed using any of the shot buttons, A,B,X or Y. Just to be clear, it’s not tap tap tap, but just a very quick single tap.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Control Shots

Make sure you angle the left thumb stick in the direction you want your tennis ball to go in as early as possible.

Quick Tip: Make sure you always remember to push the majority of your shots deep. This seems to be very effective in all types of situation in Top Spin 4.

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