World Tour vs. Player Matches

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World Tour

Not exactly sure how to say this without offending some hardcore players, like myself, but World Tour sucks! Why do I feel this way?, it’s not because I suck, lol, because my World Tour grade has been as high as 29. Not overly impressive to some, but for me this was not easy. Maybe it’s because I try to get away with using well balanced players, not 100 power/inside out hard hitter etc.

The problem I find, at least for me, is you can’t compete with these stacked players, not to mention it is completely unrealistic to what Top Spin 4 originally was shooting for, SIM style gameplay.

And for some reason there always seems to be extra lag in World Tour, and I’ve been playing it since the beginning.

Let’s not forget about having to wait for extended periods of time because the World Tour servers are unable to find the best connection. I’m assuming this is because the other guy has a horrendous connection. Well it couldn’t be mind, 40dn/30up. With a connection like that, the only bottleneck you should have is either the other player you are connecting to or your xbox360.

Player Matches

Player matches on the other hand are for the most part, fluid with less lag, the option to turn on or off in-game helpers, easier to get in and out of matches, no excessive waiting etc.

I know some players will disagree, but it is what it is. I also know many players will agree that Top Spin 4’s World Tour Sucks. Player matches are easier and faster to get into a game.

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