Top Spin 4 Freezing on the Ball Toss

Top Spin 4 freezes your Xbox 360 on the Ball Toss

Here is something that worked for me. If you are unable to connect to the Top Spin 4 servers or your Xbox 360 console freezes as your player tosses the ball up to serve.

From within your Xbox 360 console, go to your system preferences and write down the IP address of your Xbox 360 console. Next log into your router and add your consoles IP address to the DMZ section of your router. If your router does not have a DMZ section, add the IP address to the virtual servers area with the following ports.

Xbox Live requires the following ports to be open:

  • Port 88 (UDP)
  • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 80 (TCP)

This may not fix the fact that we are unable to connect to the Top Spin 4 servers. However, we can still play the game, just not having the Top Spin 4 servers to connect to just takes that smooth connection away. So to avoid freezing take a little more time between serving to help avoid lagging and ultimately freezing.

Even if you still have the freezing, because you added the XBL ports you will notice your console now connects to any game with an Open NAT, meaning you will now be more visible for future matchmaking. Try it with Call of Duty.


Top Spin 4 – World Tour Is Broken

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Top Spin 4 – Match Making

This area of the game suffered in the past versions of Top Spin and continues to suffer in Top Spin 4. I’m no game developer, but I have been playing games for most of my life (44 years old), so I do understand games and that this must be difficult toachieve.

So as Match Making goes, here is an example of my frustration with World Tour. I use a player that has an average of 65 across the board (a typical SIM player) with service being the only strong point at 88 and a grade of 2. I use this player prettyconsistently, win or lose. On this particular day, the lobby had 8 players waiting for matches to start. As I waited I checked other player stats as usual. Most players had above 85 power, the rest with “Monster Defense / Instant Rocket, Top Spin Invasion / Monster Defense, Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket, Stick Serve Berzerk/ Focus Service, Inside Out Master / Diesel Hard Hitter” etc.Based on Top Spin 4’s Match Making system, my SIM player with Diesel Returner / Low Volley Specialist was lucky enough to get matched up withInside Out Master / Diesel Hard Hitter w/100 power. We start the match and I quit. The guy messages me and calls me a fu*king assh*le for quitting early. My reply was, I’m sorry, but I’m a sim player with 65 overall average, you have 100 on power, nocomparison, you would kill me 3-0, no fun for me, and I’m sure anyone else you play who doesn’t have your stats or similar. So don’t cry when players quit. His reply was, fu*kn assh*le, yadda yadda..

So there is part of myfrustration with this game.

Top Spin 4 – halfLife069

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Top Spin 4 - halfLife069
Here is a player I have known since Top Spin 2. His real name is Brian, his gamer name is halfLife069. I use to dominate him in Top Spin 2, then again I dominated most everyone I played. Then Top Spin 3 came along and he dominated me. Then Top Spin 4 came along and I dominated him, but only for 1 day, lol. Literally a week later I couldn’t even touch him and till this day I have not been able to get a legitimate win over him, bastard, lol. I’m my opinion I think he is one of the best players to ever play the game. I’ve played world tour and have reached a grade of 29 and not with a cheese ball setup like many others you run into, not too shabby. I’ve also competed against some of the best Top Spin 4 players in the world and most of us know each other from Top Spin 2 and earlier.

Top Spin 4 – halfLife069 is player to look out for, if you see him online and you think your good, don’t think so quickly until you play halfLife069. Good luck!

Top Spin 4 – Witshi Witshi

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Top Spin 4 - Witshi WitshiTop Spin 4 – Witshi Witshi – This is one of those guys that many Top Spin 4 players dread running into. He will host a game and just sit there for hours on end. Why do this? No idea! I have run into this guy several times and he just idles, never pressing start, yes, it’s really strange. So if you do a search for a “Quick Match” and you end up with him, just leave, otherwise you may be sitting there together for a long time, lol..

One of the most bizarre Top Spin 4 players ever!