Top Spin 4 – It’s Redemption Time ;-)

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When I say It’s Redemption Time, I mean I’m done with my 3 week journey getting my ash kicked by stacked players in World Tour using my weak, but fun SIM player, at least for now.

My setup is Stick Serve Berserker / Focus Service or Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket. Disgusting isn’t it, but like I said, it’s my time or my turn if you will. So far I’m 9-0 and 3 of them forfeit on me and called me a cheater. I don’t blame them. My replay was, I agree, but it’s only temporary, I promise. I also apologized for my cheeseball players. These setups are so over powered it really does feel like I’m cheating. Why Top Spin even gave us this option is beyond me. Even though it’s the cheapest way to get wins, when you get the win it feels pretty good. Just keep in mind, your reputation is at risk. Because most Top Spin players are long time players and really do take the game seriously.

My custom players consist of 80% SIM and 20% cheese, and only because so many others use stacked players that there is no other way to compete. I just don’t like getting easy wins, gets boring. I enjoy fighting for my wins and having a close match at a normal pace. It seems anything above 85 power is just overkill. That’s why I prefer to use my SIM setups. If by chance I encounter a power player who is as skilled as I am, I usually forfeit. Otherwise I just get toasted. If and when I play with power setups I don’t blame my opponent for forfeiting.

Can anyone relate?

Top Spin 4 – My Power Player Update

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I didn’t think I’d be back here so fast, but I absolutely hate playing with power players. The Top Spin 4 Custom Player Setup I went with was “Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket”. Your thinking, what could you have not liked about this setup? Believe it or not, I felt cheap. When I didn’t win it felt like in order for me to win I would have had to played with unbalanced timing. When I won, which was most of my matches, I felt like I was cheating, just a horrible feeling. We are not suppose to feel horrible when we win.

I immediately went back to my favorite SIM player who happens to have many coaches, “4/12/4”. I switch back and forth from “Diesel Return / Low Volley Specialist”, which is my primary, to “Spin Server Master / Approach Shots Expert”. I unlocked all the gold coaches and most of all, I enjoy the fast movement that most coaches give me with this setup.

Give it a try, “4/12/4” and unlock all gold coaches. After a while I guarantee you will frustrate the top players any may even beat them! 🙂

Top Spin 4 – Serve and Volley Update

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been playing with a Serve and Volley setup. This particular guy was using the Volley Shots Artist and Smell of Blood. I was able to get his grade up to 14, but not much higher because I wasn’t able to get past many of the better players who used power setups, not to mention I wasn’t able to put much more time into it. The thing I realized, no matter how good played with my serve and volley guy, If I played a player who was just as skilled as me who used a power baseline player, I would usually lose. Sometimes I would steal a match or 2, but not often.

For the next 2 weeks I decided to use either a “Stick Serve Berzerk / Focus Serve” or “Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket” in World Tour. From what I’ve noticed, these setups are the most difficult to beat. “Instant Rocket / Monster Defense” and “Top Spin Invasion / Monster Defense” is pretty difficult to beat as well.

I will post the results of my new Power Baseline player in a 2 weeks or so.

Top Spin 4 – My SIM Player Update

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As you may or may not know, I’ve been experimenting with using SIM players “only”, in World Tour. The problem I kept running into is everyone else uses “Stick Serve Berzerk / Focus Serve” or “Crushing Passing Shot / Instant Rocket” or “Inside Out Master / Diesel Hard Hitter” or “Semi Volley King / Shot Counter”. Even a good player like myself who uses SIM type players will have no chance against a player who is equally as good as me but uses the unrealistic power setups.

With that being said, I was still able to have some luck playing against the power setups, but only a few times. Most of these guys are able to get their Grade well into the 50’s.

I’ve decided to give a Serve and Volley setup a try. I’ll post the results in my next post.

Top Spin 4 – Anticipation

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The Top Spin 4 word of the day is Anticipation.

For those Top Spin 4 players who have better than average Anticipation, I have a fun custom player setup that will not only add some life back into your game, but will allow a player with better than average Anticipation to track down almost any shot.

The Setup:

The coach is: Martin Kozak.
His specialties are: Faster Reflexes / Faster Movement on the Court.
The skills are: Diesel Returner / Low Volley Specialist.
The strategy levels are: Serve and Volley: 4 / Offensive Baseline: 12 / Defensive Baseline: 4.

I realized these skills were so effective when I reached level 14 in the World Tour against some top players who I have lost to in the past. As we all know, World Tour is where you go if you want to get your ass kicked, or if you think you are good enough to kick some ass.