Top Spin 4 – halfLife069

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Top Spin 4 - halfLife069
Here is a player I have known since Top Spin 2. His real name is Brian, his gamer name is halfLife069. I use to dominate him in Top Spin 2, then again I dominated most everyone I played. Then Top Spin 3 came along and he dominated me. Then Top Spin 4 came along and I dominated him, but only for 1 day, lol. Literally a week later I couldn’t even touch him and till this day I have not been able to get a legitimate win over him, bastard, lol. I’m my opinion I think he is one of the best players to ever play the game. I’ve played world tour and have reached a grade of 29 and not with a cheese ball setup like many others you run into, not too shabby. I’ve also competed against some of the best Top Spin 4 players in the world and most of us know each other from Top Spin 2 and earlier.

Top Spin 4 – halfLife069 is player to look out for, if you see him online and you think your good, don’t think so quickly until you play halfLife069. Good luck!

Top Spin 4 – Opposing Thumbs

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Top Spin 4 - Opposing Thumbs
Top Spin 4 Opposing Thumbs – I hate to say this and I really do not like trashing people, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this particular Top Spin 4 player is immature, poor sportsmanship and a sore loser. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the guy, I just think he has a lot of growing up to do, until then I refuse to play him.

I have played him a few times, we are about the same in skill, I might have a slight edge on him. The problem is he only plays with Andre Agassi. Those of you who are familiar with Andre Agassi’s skill set in Top Spin 4 know how ridiculously good he is. Andre Agassi is so good in this game even noobs kick-ass as him. Opposing Thumbs is a good player and he is playing with Andre Agassi, put those 2 together and you got someone who is very difficult to beat. The last time Opposing Thumbs and I played he was Andre Agassi and I was a SIM custom player. The match went into a tie-break and I barely lost. When the match was over Opposing Thumbs sent me a msg and said, nice try asshole. The funny thing, as his msg came in I was typing one saying, great match! So I immediately deleted my nice sportsmanship msg and replied with something not so nice, which he totally deserved. I really don’t like to get into it with these kids, but sometimes their words are so disrespectful they leave us no choice. Needless to say, this went on for about 30 minutes until I blocked all communications with him.

Opposing Thumbs is a player I will avoid, you should too!

Top Spin 4 – Witshi Witshi

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Top Spin 4 - Witshi WitshiTop Spin 4 – Witshi Witshi – This is one of those guys that many Top Spin 4 players dread running into. He will host a game and just sit there for hours on end. Why do this? No idea! I have run into this guy several times and he just idles, never pressing start, yes, it’s really strange. So if you do a search for a “Quick Match” and you end up with him, just leave, otherwise you may be sitting there together for a long time, lol..

One of the most bizarre Top Spin 4 players ever!

Top Spin 4 – GRIMMJOW2099

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Top Spin 4 - GRIMMJOW2099A player with poor sportsmanship – GRIMMJOW2099. Why do I say this? Because I had to pull teeth in order to get him to let go of Nadal, who happens to be the most incredible cheeseball pro player in Top Spin 4. In other words, Nadal gets everything, he is way over powered and unrealistic.

So if you are a good player with strong intuition, you should not be playing with Nadal, this guy was–> GRIMMJOW2099. He is a strong player to begin with, which tells me he doesn’t want to be challenged.

I asked him to play me using the same player as I and at first he declined, then agreed 45 minutes later.. He said it means nothing. I disagreed. If we use the exact same player it would be as equal and as fair as you can get. He disagreed.

So we played 3 games per set and 2 sets with a tie breaker and he beat me in a very close match, which is not uncommon for a player to beat me in Top Spin 4, lol, so no big achievement.

Then I asked him to rematch and he had some bull crap excuse, which i felt was very cheap after the tight match we had.