U.S Open Series 2014

Finally the U.S Open Series 2014 is here!

During this journey to the U.S Open 2014, I will do my best at providing you with the latest media as soon as I get it!

Here are 2 very important links to help you stay up to date until September 8th 2014.

1. http://www.emiratesusopenseries.com/Tournaments
2. http://www.emiratesusopenseries.com/TVSchedule/?intloc=headernav

PowerShares Series | Tennis

Michael Chang vs. Mark Phillipoussis 2014. Good match!

Rafael Nadal, An Emotional Win!

When you think about all of Rafael Nadal’s accomplishments, it’s pretty amazing! I guess it makes sense to get as emotional as he did at the French Open 2014.

Is Rafael Nadal Going Bald?

The French Open 2014 – Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic. It sure looks like Nadal is going bald. Who knows, maybe it will be a better look for him. What do you guys think?