French Open 2017 Racquet Bracket Picks

If you have not yet heard about Racquet Bracket from The Tennis Channel, you owe it to yourself to go there and register. Once registered you can get notified of new tournaments and a link to submit your Racquet Bracket picks for that particular tourney. Here is what the confirmation page looks like after you submit your picks. CLICK HERE

You should get in this contest. Submit your picks HERE. The deadline to enter is 5/28/2017 5:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Tennis World Tour

Tennis World TourTennis fans and gamers around the world, Tennis World Tour is a new PS4 and XBox One game coming in 2018! We are all so excited at as we will be hosting all online competitive tournaments for Tennis World Tour, The Game, when it launches! There will be a full fledged gaming community there of tennis enthusiasts who compete online and discuss all things tennis. Please go to and register your email to be notified when everything launches!